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Welcome to your skin & hair home. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge & choice. Read more about our offerings below. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Feel free to reach out. We’re here for you.


Evidence-based recommendations to support skin health addressing concerns such as acne, dry skin, suspicious moles/growths, keloids, etc. Your reservation unlocks the following skin packages. Skin Consultation, $180.

Single Tone

Complete evaluation and targeted treatment recommendations for spot(s) of concern to you. We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of dry skin, rashes (including eczema, psoriasis, and folliculitis), benign growths (such as seborrheic keratoses and dermatosis papulosa nigra), keloids, and more. ($)

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Skin Screen

Tone utilizes skinIO software for mole mapping combined with a comprehensive dermoscopic examination of suspicious moles and growths to help you make the most informed decisions about how to care for changes on your skin. ($)

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Set The Tone

The #SetTheTone, our most popular package, is a comprehensive package that addresses acne breakouts with a longitudinal plan inclusive of guided prescription therapy, customized skin care, a chemical peel series for clearer, smoother skin. ($$$)

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Evidence-based guidance & treatment for your hair addressing concerns such as general hair health, thinning/shedding, breakage, female pattern hair loss, scarring hair loss, itchy scalp, and other hair and scalp concerns. Your reservation unlocks the following hair packages. Hair Consultation, $255.

Healthy Hair Tones

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. We utilize FotoFinder trichoscopy for comprehensive analysis of the scalp with a focus on optimizing hair health through scalp health. We make specific recommendations to address the hair’s response to stress, poor nutrition, inflammation, and hormone shifts. ($$)

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Hair Loss Luminous

The Hair Loss Luminous package is an overall package intended to identify the causes of hair thinning, shedding, and loss. Each reservation includes FotoFinder trichoscopy with coupled with scalp biopsy if recommended. A longitudinal plan inclusive of guided prescription therapy and nutraceuticals is provided. ($$$)

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Bare Tone

Tone utilizes unique laser technology to safely treat excess hair for effective laser hair reduction on all skin tones. Your reservation includes analysis of your area(s) of concern and a treatment plan. A “test spot” will be performed with our laser at this visit to ensure safe treatment of your hair and skin. Areas treated with this offering include upper lip, chin, abdomen, or bikini line. ($$$)

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Guided treatment to optimize your glow addressing concerns such as uneven skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, visible pores, acne scars, under eye hallowness/bags, sagging skin, and more. Visual analysis performed. Your reservation unlocks the following glow packages. Glow Consultation, $200.

Even Tone

Even Tone is a package designed specifically to address the causes and symptoms of hyperpigmentation and is inclusive of a guided prescription and skin care plan, skin type/tone specific sunscreen, and a chemical peel or other in office procedure series. ($$$)

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Glow Set

A custom package to optimize and support glowy skin. Includes an oral supplement, clinically proven topical brightening serum, sunscreen, and either one of the following ($$$):

  • One session of injectable wrinkle reducer (including Botox ®)  
  • One session of full face microneedling 
  • One session of laser facial treatment. Multiple sessions may be needed to achieve results.
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Blurred & Toned

We utilize innovative technology to minimize the appearance of visible pores with microneedling and platelet rich plasma therapy. Microneedling  is an innovative procedure that uses very small needles to encourage the skin to rejuvenate and produce it’s own natural collagen. While the “channels” from the needles are open we deliver your body’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP, a concentrated form of your body’s own nutrients) to the skin. We use this treatment to address acne scarring, visible pores, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and over all skin texture and tone. We also offer Tone laser facials to achieve incredibly fast results.($$$)

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Total Eye

A complete package to optimize the appearance of the under eye based on the unique changes this area may experience. Includes clinically proven eye-concern specific eye cream and one of the following ($$):

  • under eye chemical peel
  • injectable wrinkle reducers for eyes (including Botox ®)
  • under eye dermal filler
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Tone Pout

Using hyaluranic acid fillers we slowly build structure in the lip over time without excess volume. Includes a hyaluronic acid based lip product and a two week follow up visit.

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Tighten & Tone

Radiofrequency uses heat-based energy to stimulate collagen and elastin promoting bouncy, firmer skin over time. This treatment can be used in areas such as the around the eye, the neck/jawline, abdomen, and other areas. This treatment has little to no downtime and is safe on all skin types. ($$$)

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à la carte

Add-ons to your custom skin & hair experience

Skincare Curation

We have combined decades of knowledge in skincare and ingredients. Our skincare curation services are available nationwide and can be purchased through our Tone shop page. We offer a broad range of medical-grade skincare for purchase in office and online. ($)

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Pimple Shot

Try our quick solution for a stubborn breakout during your next reservation ($).

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Tone Glow Peel

Our most popular add-on service, the Tone Glow Peel: blended, customized layers of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, antioxidants, and brighteners for an immediate glow with long term results. Our custom chemical peels utilize actives and botanicals to address various skin concerns: fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dull skin, texture, clogged pores, acne, etc. This peel has little to no downtime and is safe on all skin types! 3 and 6 peel series. ($$/$$$)

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Botox® by area

We specialize in preserving your facial structure, not augmenting it. We expertly inject wrinkle reducers including Botox® (botulinum toxin) to gently relax wrinkles and fine lines in the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, under eye, bunny lines, chew muscles, and other areas. Each session includes a complementary two week touch up reservation. ($$)

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